Lahoriya : Nirvair Pannu (Official Video) New Punjabi Song | Latest Punjabi Song 2022 | Juke Dock

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Song : Lahoriya
Singer : Nirvair Pannu
Music : Preet Hundal
Lyrics : Mandeep Maavi
Female Lead : Isha Sharma
DOP : Jason Numberdar
Editor : Jagjeet Singh Dhanoa
Colorist : Milan Sekhon
Associate Dir. : Harman Jot
Vfx : Prof.jagjit_vfx
Assit. Dir : Deep Duharia & Davy Shawla
Stylist : Aman Lotey
Makeup & Hair : Honey Kalsi & Team
Director : Yaadu Brar
Publicity Design : Yasheen Ghurail
Presentation By : Jatinder Pal Singh
Producer : Jagjit Singh Dhillon & Sukhjit Singh Dhillon
A Film By Yaadu Brar
Enquiry No. +91 7307800101
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    #6 on trending for Punjab ❤️

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    His line was proved right " Kai vaari Kalla gher lainde, jhundh vich sher nu kutte kai"....sher si saada moosewala... you'll always live in our you jatta ❤

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    Versatile voice quality

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    great song, proud to be a lahoriya

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    Siraa song jattaa love you❤❤

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    Powerful voice 🌺

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