[Hindi] Round 4 - Day 3 | iQOO BMOC Powered By Loco

Are the challengers giving a hard time to the pros?
Official broadcast of Round 4 - Day 3 of iQOO BMOC Powered By Loco.
Schedule for the day:
05:12 PM - Erangel
05:53 PM - Miramar
06:41 PM - Sanhok
07:33 PM - Erangel
08:22 PM - Miramar
09:03 PM - Erangel
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  1. Nahian Ash-hab

    Nahian Ash-hab

    Huge HUGE Respect towards Team Walkouts💙

  2. SD333


    One of the best things about dude is that he never take credit for himself when he achieves something .He always respect us,the audience, and his team ,and he is always polite in all of his video 🥰🔥

  3. Mr Roni Edit

    Mr Roni Edit

    It's called perfect combination of all things...It has everything what we need...love you brother ❤️.

  4. NICK


    1. Or esport-97 (Q)

  5. Vipul Bishnoi

    Vipul Bishnoi

    1. OR Esports - 97 (Qualified)

  6. Sanju


    Tomorrow is the big game. The "kings of aggression" are coming.

  7. Shlok Gupta

    Shlok Gupta

    Krafton waale be like ... Semi finals n Finals k thumbnail mei ab Scout , Jonathan ko nhi use kr pynge 😂😂



    This man has proved everyone that he can entertain anyone without using derogatory words...Love your work.💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  9. Smile


    BMOC Round 4 Group 3

  10. Sauhard Negi

    Sauhard Negi

    Team seXpark is underdog team. Scout time has gone. Now he needs to understand that BGMI is not all about controversies. In my point of view, all T1 Gaming communities focus on useless controversies, that's why GODLIKE , Team seXpark etc deserve this place. Gaming community needs to evolve otherwise there are many options.

  11. Ubaid


    Meanwhile saumraj waiting for godL comeback & now godL waiting for saumraj comeback 😂😂🤣🤣

  12. Suyash


    I think this is what we should call the true rising of undergod teams 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Broken Gamer

    Broken Gamer

    "💘One of the best thing about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respect us, the audience and his team, and he is polite in all his videos. We congratulate ourselves on this💞"

  14. T Woezy

    T Woezy

    TX☹️ it’s okay will get it next time😈 let’s come back stronger. Btw props to all those other teams👍 Tht was a hellofagames💯

  15. 200 Subs challenge with 1 video

    200 Subs challenge with 1 video

    "One of the best thing about dude is that he never takens credit for himself when he archives some thing. He always respect us the audience and his team, and he is politie in all his video.we congratulations ourselves on for this achievement.more to come and everything to come we are always with you"..❤️❣️

  16. Facts by girl 🅐

    Facts by girl 🅐

    The quality of this man's content is at such a high level , so consistently been best youtuber in the world right now

  17. Denim Jacket

    Denim Jacket

    Aaram se 6 hours ki stream dekhta hoon

  18. L N

    L N

    This is the Group with best toughest qualified teams...



    """One of tha best things about dude isthat he

  20. King Khan 👑👑

    King Khan 👑👑

    Very nice ❤️