Hair Love | Oscar®-Winning Short Film (Full) | Sony Pictures Animation

Hair Love, an Oscar®-winning animated short film from Matthew A. Cherry, tells the heartfelt story of an African American father learning to do his daughter’s hair for the first time.
Matthew A. Cherry (Executive Producer, “BlacKkKlansman”)
Everett Downing Jr. (Animator, "Up")
Bruce W. Smith (Creator, “The Proud Family,” Animator, “The Princess and the Frog”)
Karen Rupert Toliver
Stacey Newton
Monica A. Young
Matthew A. Cherry
David Steward II
Carl Reed
Executive Producers:
Peter Ramsey (“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”)
Frank Abney (Animator, “Toy Story 4”)
Issa Rae (“Insecure”) as Zuri's mother
Co-Executive Producers:
Jordan Peele
Andrew Hawkins
Harrison Barnes
Yara and Keri Shahidi
Associate Producers:
N’Dambi Gillespie
Gabrielle Union-Wade
Dwayne Wade Jr.
Gabourey Sidibe
Stephanie Fredric
Claude Kelly
Music Composers:
Paul Mounsey
Daniel D. Crawford
Additional Composer:
Taylor Graves
Production Partners:
Lion Forge Animation
Chasing Miles
Matthew A. Cherry Entertainment
The project is a collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation that was launched as a Kickstarter campaign in 2017 with a fundraising goal of $75,000. Strong support led to the campaign amassing nearly $300,000, making it the most highly-funded short film campaign in Kickstarter history.
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The picture book “Hair Love” was released by Kokila Books/Penguin Random House on May 14, 2019, and became a New York Times Bestseller.


  1. earth star

    earth star2 ਸਾਲ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    I was so afraid that babies Mama was going to be dead and then when there was a happy ending I felt such relief. Then I noticed this was Sony and not Disney.

  2. misspinkpunkykat


    I love how the mom doesn't die but recovers and her hair grows back during the credits

  3. mahwish jabeen

    mahwish jabeen

    I lost my mom a week ago, this video made me realize how still I am lucky to have my father and siblings with me. Mom, wherever you are, you always will be remembered. I love you.

  4. TWN321


    Our community needs so much more of this! We have a little girl and little boy on the way - we struggle to find images like these to saturate our children with.

  5. lilMissSunshine


    watching this on my wash day. Thank you so much for sharing such a positive outlook on something that black women have been oppressed about for so many years. It's all about perspective. I'm so grateful that I was able to show myself some hair love today. And I'm gratefult hat I was able to watch this and share this moment with so many other souls around the world. stay beautiful! <3

  6. Meister


    Love the fact that such a large company such as Sony (asian company) to be apart of making such a powerfully encouraging video to show to ALL african children to re-assure to love everything about ourselves

  7. Amalia

    Amalia2 ਸਾਲ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Sony: doesn’t kill the mom

  8. MmmHmmm


    Loved this, I was that little girl, that's my exact hair length and type. I still struggle trying to do styles online.

  9. Tori Mae

    Tori Mae

    I literally teared up watching this. It's so good having some positive representation as a darkskin black woman fora change and knowing that my little girl one day will watch TV and see someone that looks like her absolutely rocks!

  10. Paige Priddy

    Paige Priddy

    Look I'm white as can be but I find this to be the best black representation in media in YEARS! usually any media presented towards the black community is meant for pandering and showing sides but this, THIS is pure joy and shows us a beautiful story of family and love! This shows a good healthy family unit without stereotypes unlike in most media and I couldn't be happier with the tears this animation made me shed. The dad is trying so hard and clearly loves his wife and daughter and the mom just seems to be a beautiful person inside and out!

  11. malcolm loh

    malcolm loh

    That was such a sweet story! I loved the tenderness of the dad and daughters relationship, the daughter's hair is clearly a strong part of her identity and I was happy to see the father's reaction to his daughter being upset was remorse and not anger and everything coming together with the father-daughter duo conquering those locks and having that bonding experience, love it! Love that!

  12. Trauma Healing & Prevention, ORG Support

    Trauma Healing & Prevention, ORG Support

    This is one of the best films made to depict the relationship between daughter and dad.


    GACHA BEEMO2 ਸਾਲ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Me:Is she dreaming about her mom

  14. Momo


    I see lots of comments on the mother but not that much for the father. I really appreciate that this video showcases a happy family with a loving father. Too often the father is either an absentee, gone completely, or begrudgingly takes on the role due to the wife's passing. To show such a caring father is so rare. It really makes me happy.

  15. Ấu Trùng Siêu Quậy

    Ấu Trùng Siêu Quậy

    The fact that the mom hair starts growing in the credits meaning she's cancer free made me cry even more

  16. Franziska Renata

    Franziska Renata

    I'd like to say thanks to the makers of this video. I teach small children in other countries and sometimes they say racist things that I guess they learn from movies or maybe their surroundings :( When I show them this movie, every single student has loved it and said the little girl is beautiful, her mom is beautiful, her dad is kind, etc. I feel so happy that they can have a new understanding just from watching this video. Thank you for the beautiful work, to whoever made it!

  17. Luna Mé

    Luna Mé

    i remember one day i had this big event when i was a kid, my mom wasn't there and my dad was fighting with my hair just like that, but unlike the dad in this movie, my dad gave up. He failed to properly moisturize, detangle, and slick the hair back, he just tied my hair in a high bun living me with what looked like an afro and a tiny bun at the top. Everybody laughed at me, it was embarrassing, and something like that can definitely leave a kid traumatized. Today, I wear my hair in locs, I've had locs for the past six years and they are my pride and joy, but I still disliked my hair for a long long time before that. I just wish that more black parents, especially fathers will take the time to know more about afro hair and teach their children to appreciate their hair🤎

  18. The Aspiring Writer Of 2022

    The Aspiring Writer Of 2022

    when he put the hat on her head i cried

  19. Melissa Reid

    Melissa Reid2 ਸਾਲ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Crying quietly at my desk at school.

  20. Luvina First

    Luvina First

    When I see the little girl drawing ...