Dear Kavya | Episode 5 | Telugu Webseries 2022 | Rowdy Baby | South Indian Logic

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Cast :
Chandana Payaavula
Shot By Bala
Written & Director:
Sai Ram Krishna
Produced By
Upendar Reddy Yekkati
Dop & DI:
Chandu Krrish
Music By:
Priyesh Mothukuri
Compose, Arranged and Programmed by Priyesh Mothukuri
Singer : Aishwarya Daruri
Mixed and Mastered by Shubashish M
Lyrics : Priyesh Mothukuri
Ayaan Khan
Line Producer:
Hamad Hanif
Assistant Directors:
Vamsi Kumar
Light Assistant:
A South Indian Logic Concept.
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  1. Rowdy Baby

    Rowdy Baby

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    That lucky dialouge "manam kooda raji ki call chesi manam pakkanunte dairayam ga undo ledo kanukkundam"😁😀

  3. waheed shaik

    waheed shaik


  4. Rajeswari Raji

    Rajeswari Raji

    Super ee series' ki nenu chala connect aipoya....!!

  5. Manvith goud

    Manvith goud

    Locky గాని కామెడీ సూపర్ అలాగే ఈ సిరీస్ కీ చాలా కనెక్ట్ అయ్యాను చాలా వెయిట్ చేసా ఎపిసోడ్ కీ థాంక్యూ...

  6. Sandhya Rani

    Sandhya Rani

    It's not just a webseries it actually helps someone to build confidence 🥳loved it

  7. Sudharshan DN

    Sudharshan DN

    Series bagundi season 2 plan cheyandi director garu ....... Kavya and vijulu acting bagundi 🥰🥰😍😍

  8. Juhi Luna

    Juhi Luna28 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    My kind request is that to do more webseries with the same actor and actress

  9. sudeepthi 123

    sudeepthi 123

    Entha mandhi villa praposal kosam wait chesthunnaru ❤️💖💖😘😘

  10. Pukkalla KavyAnjali

    Pukkalla KavyAnjali

    Plz don't end this series ❤️ do season 2 soon ❤️ i think NXT episode will be last one,we miss dear kavya also vijuluu ❤️

  11. Vinayana ♥️

    Vinayana ♥️

    Epic one:- Businessman Cinema repeat lo chupista 🤣🤣🤣

  12. mouni_navi_fan girl

    mouni_navi_fan girl

    Super episode 😍❤️❤️. connect ayipoyam... Eagerly waiting for next episode 😉😍.all the best for entire team 👍

  13. Ram Cherry Vakkala

    Ram Cherry Vakkala

    There should be aa person like vijulu...beside a girl for making strong ....❤️amzing series.... Wishing all the success ahead....all the best kavya garu ....u as a melting voice....💫❤️

  14. Saritha Sari

    Saritha Sari

    Morning nunchi wait chestunna e episode gurinchi🤧finally chusesa😘

  15. chaithu chay

    chaithu chay episode lo entha Mandi ki song lo leady voice nachindi..🤗🤗💘💘..chala bagundi ..🌟



    E episode & series chala super ga vudhi ❤️💞👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💃🕺.. Ela Naku yavarana pakitiammayi vunata bagutudhi anukutunaa... 🥺❤️💖💓💝😍...

  17. navyahhh


    Kanna nuvu chala bagunav.....ur the reasons why iam watching the series

  18. Akanksha Shenigarap

    Akanksha Shenigarap

    please make this series up to 10/12 episodes.. we are loving this series a lott.. please please please...

  19. Mana telugu channel

    Mana telugu channel

    Dear kavya ... episode time koncham penchu...❤️ 6mn advertisement chepthunaru 😭

  20. Harshitha


    This pair is love ❤️ kanna garuu 😍😍