CRAZY KITTEN (Full Colour Special!)

Having a sibling can be a challenge...🤪 Watch Crazy Kitten, our full colour special compilation, featuring your favourite mischievous Kitten giving Simon's Cat the run around!
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Director: Simon Tofield
Animation Director: Rachel Thorn
Art Coordinator: Georgi Chapman
Colour Assistant: Najette Chouchane
Production Managers: Emily Osborne
Executive Producers: Edwin Eckford, Mike Bell
Music: Shrooty
Foley: Fonic
Double Trouble:
Cat Nap:
April Showers:
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  1. Kevin Fajarito

    Kevin Fajarito

    Every time a new Simon's Cat video comes out, I feel healed and everything in the world feels right again.

  2. Amanda Youngs

    Amanda Youngs

    They really are the best at what they do. These cats have so many instantly recognisable adorable and infuratingly adorable things about them that our cats have too. Great job, Simon and the team! Thanks for another lovely video. I know colour is probably much more expensive but it's lovely to look at.

  3. The Impeccable

    The Impeccable

    I feel everyone's day would got a lot smoother with a pinch of Simon's Cat in their day.

  4. Connecticut Worms & Gardens

    Connecticut Worms & Gardens

    This is so stinking cute. There's not even a word to describe this level of cuteness. The detail is always so accurate. In the first clip, the white cat had his tail flicking back and forth when defending the food. Exactly what my cats do with that little tail flick.

  5. YET!


    As a cat dad of four, I do approve. This made me laugh hysterically.

  6. Ani K

    Ani K

    The best part about Simon's cat is that the kitten never grows old. : ) ♥

  7. Toxic Heart

    Toxic Heart

    I wish these were on Blu-ray 😂 just love Simon’s Cat so much.

  8. Purple Nonsense

    Purple Nonsense

    I love even the smallest details, like how kitten moves the fur on his back when defending the food 😂❤️

  9. Larva Heroes

    Larva Heroes

    i love cats and so love watching Simon's 😍😍

  10. Kit ßallarɖ

    Kit ßallarɖ

    I always love how he respects the garden gnomes.

  11. Jeanne Amato

    Jeanne Amato

    I love starting the day laughing my head off. The color was great but happy I see it in b&w too. 🥰

  12. Овечка Юго

    Овечка Юго

    Thank you😉😀! You are a great animator😘. Every your cartoon is a masterpiece. I know, it takes a lot of work to draw only one episode. I know this from my own experience, because I also draw short cartoons about the funny lamb Yugo. It takes so much effort to make it interesting and funny

  13. AngelRose43


    Aww, absolutely adorable! I love it! You're brilliant!! you totally capture my cats personalities.. both of them! 😊 ❤ Thank you for making me smile❤😊

  14. Bittumello


    I just loved it!💛

  15. GeminiCat The Insomniac

    GeminiCat The Insomniac

    I remember watching these a lot when I was a kid

  16. You Can't Spell Ghost Without Goth

    You Can't Spell Ghost Without Goth

    Desperately needed something to lighten my Chronic Depression, and Simon's Cat delivered. Thank you very much! 💙

  17. Eileen King

    Eileen King

    That kitten is always adorable

  18. Tom and Mimi

    Tom and Mimi

    Quality Content

  19. M L G

    M L G

    Just love the dynamic between Kitten and Simon's Cat! Kitten's sideways Crab Puffing was simply purrfect. 🐾🐾😻

  20. Sueli Silveira

    Sueli Silveira

    Quando o vídeo aparece, eu paro tudo o que estou fazendo pra ver e se divertir com Simons. Parabéns 👏👏👏 muito criativo