Chelsea v Liverpool | Key Moments | Final | Emirates FA Cup 2021-22

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  1. Jaka Parker

    Jaka Parker

    Congrats Liverpool ❤️ from Chelsea fans💙

  2. Fauzy


    It’s really emotional seeing Klopp add trophies to the cabinet given how far he came with Liverpool.His journey has been incredible and filled with roller coaster of emotions. I love this man❤️ nothing makes me happier than seeing him smile and surely deserves more trophies 🏆.Congratulations to Liverpool.

  3. wolfs pledge

    wolfs pledge

    From absolutely starving for any sort of trophy before Klopp to winning every major one available, the best manager in the world.

  4. 鍾偉業, D.O.

    鍾偉業, D.O.

    So happy for Tsimikas who has so much heart. He scored the only goal for Liverpool today, and the biggest one by far.

  5. Trung Dung Dang

    Trung Dung Dang

    Watching Luis Diaz play, he joins a new team so quickly, like he's been a Liverpool player for so long. A very worthy and quality contract for Liverpool 🇨🇴❤️

  6. Trung Dung Dang

    Trung Dung Dang

    A great game by both teams. Congratulations to Liverpool on becoming the FA Cup winner, an emotional and dramatic victory for Liverpool

  7. lfc


    Congrats & utmost respect to Chelsea too. they never really lost League/FA cup games, they lost on penalties. hope Chelsea comes back stronger. losing 2 finals in exact same manner hurts a lot. Proud of you both Liverpool/Chelsea

  8. SOYCD99


    Decent game, it's just a shame that everyone left their shooting boots at home.

  9. S. O

    S. O

    Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool has now ended:

  10. Межкомнатный Дальнобойщик

    Межкомнатный Дальнобойщик

    Liverpool fans I am from Russia, I congratulate you on the second trophy this year))) And a peaceful sky over our heads!!!

  11. Bheegi Billi

    Bheegi Billi

    Last 3 winners of the FA Cup:

  12. 𝕤𝕒𝕞 🏳️‍🌈

    𝕤𝕒𝕞 🏳️‍🌈

    Klopp has now won everything as lfc boss

  13. Khalil Young

    Khalil Young

    Luis Diaz looking like he could go on and on his energy is unmatched. Congrats to Liverpool 🍾

  14. Erin


    Tsmikas done a brilliant end goal, loved the game.

  15. Bisss


    Tsimi and Ali, my love for them was always there but thank you for these moments especially Ali one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time

  16. Мистер Огонёчек

    Мистер Огонёчек

    Ali's saves were immense. Everyone in the team worked their socks off. Hope Tsimikas will get a song under his name one day

  17. Ron Bonora

    Ron Bonora

    Congratulations to the Liverpool Football Club from an Inter Milan supporter!

  18. Kase Tsang

    Kase Tsang

    When Alison saved Mount’s penalty, he managed to catch the ball bouncing back to the goal

  19. Good Chemistry

    Good Chemistry

    What a game! Drama, chances, saves, right to the end. Brilliant for Liverpool, in Klopp we trust.

  20. S McP

    S McP

    Not a Liverpool fan but Luiz Diaz what a player!