20 Facts You Didn't Know About Jitendra Kumar | Jeetu Bhaiya | Kota Factory Season 2

This time 5ocial brings you a fact video on Jitendra Kumar, who is famously known as Jeetu Bhaiya. He is popular for his TVF Shows like TVF Pitchers, Panchayat, Kota Factory, and many other sketches. The audience love him for his relatable performances that has made Jintendra amongst the best actors today.
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► Jeetu Bhaiya Biography
► Jitendra Kumar Facts
► Jeetu Bhaiya in Kota Factory Season 2
► Kota Factory Season 2
► Panchayat Season 2


  1. Aniket Sharma

    Aniket Sharma

    "Aur tumhare jaise jo chale aate h naa kota 9th me pokemon 10th me pubg 11th me kota" This hits hard and show that these much efforts are not effective to crack I.I.T.

  2. Afsana Arfan

    Afsana Arfan

    Dreams are imagined.

  3. Sunanda Jana

    Sunanda Jana

    This was an amazing video Social. Felt like it should not end and I can go hearing more about him. He is such an easy actor. He lives the character so well that the difference between reality and fiction can barely be noticed. Great work guys. Appreciation given to actors for work is more better than there looks. Keep up the work😊

  4. Suvajit Mishra

    Suvajit Mishra

    'Panchayat ' is the best work done by him till date. Watched season 2 yesterday. Now awaiting for the next season. Jeetu bhaiya is truly talented actor, very natural acting, if he gets proper opportunity he will entertain us lot more in future.

  5. deepak kalmodiya

    deepak kalmodiya

    I have been an aspirant of JEE and I have been in kota for two years, in the end I got typhoid due to which I couldnt give my exams of boards. That was so depressing for me. And the dialogue that JEETU BHAIYA said kota saalo tak dimag se nahi nikalta I really felt that.



    Jittu bhaiya ne chhattisgarh ki movie 'chaman bahar' me apni mehnat ka loha manwaya hai or hamare dilo me apni jagha banai hai 😍 love you jittu bhaiya from chhattisgarh ❤️

  7. valenson


    Once a legend said- ''engineers engineering ke alava sab kuch kar sakta hai''

  8. Khushboo Talesra

    Khushboo Talesra

    I have watched almost all his videos... One of my all time favorite is 'When u date a baniya' he nailed the character without.... at least it seemed like without any effort.

  9. Mohini Girhe

    Mohini Girhe

    Panchayat and Kota factory is an emotional 😭❣️Hope Panchayat 2 will come soon 🥺

  10. Wilson Almeida

    Wilson Almeida

    OK, Now that you asked ki kaun sa work dekh ke unka fan bana tha: Has anyone heard of "10 Rupye Ka Qtyapa?" Somehow I could not find this video in TVF's own playlists. But someone has uploaded it as "10 Rs. ka Q-tiyapa" (search with this tag and you get it!). This is the video where I firmly felt Jeetu will be an awesome actor! I guess this is when TVF was quite new! All the best Jeetu! You have a gentle personality, it is an absolute pleasure watching you act with your unique ways of doing things and you will be'Jeetu Bhaiya' of nation forever! :-)

  11. 57Manav Prakash

    57Manav Prakash

    When I saw him in pitchers I was mesmerised by his variation of emotions he put in the same scene nest part was when he became angery when there startup idea is stollen by the students. I loved the action done by him and was shocked as how this introvert character suddenly burst in anger.

  12. Subhajoy Laskar

    Subhajoy Laskar

    I have known @Jeetu since college times, having spent quite some time at IIT-KGP during fests, etc. He is an awesome personality && a brilliant actor - its hard to find a line between his reel && real expressions 👍 Keep it up bro 👍

  13. Abdul Muhaimin Sada

    Abdul Muhaimin Sada

    Team social never disappoint in uploading the videos on accurate time

  14. Shasvat Shukla

    Shasvat Shukla

    My best dialogue from panchayat webseries by jeetu bhaiya is - "Kyonki mai chutiya hoon mera dimag chutiya hai"

  15. Madhur Saxena

    Madhur Saxena

    The most inspiring line of jeetu bhiya in kota factory was that "IIT ko sapna mat banao IIT ko aim banao kyuki sapne sirf dekhe jaate hai pure nahi hote par aim achive kiya jata hai" this line inspired me soooo much

  16. Bijoy Bishwas

    Bijoy Bishwas

    Kota factory. "21 din mein koi bhi aadat lag sakti hai..aur koi bhi aadat chhut sakti hai" this line is really work in my life for study. Really thank you Jeetu Bhaiya.

  17. Mamata Manna

    Mamata Manna

    After so many requests 5ocial made this .....I was so eagerly waiting....finally thank you ❤️

  18. Nikhitha Bhat

    Nikhitha Bhat

    I love him since pitchers.That scene of him confronting irritating kid and smashing things with the bat is epic🤩🤩🤩

  19. Ananya Dutta

    Ananya Dutta

    "21 din mein koi bhi aadat lag sakti hai..aur koi bhi aadat chhut sakti hai" this line is really work in my life for study.



    There's a positive vibe in his acting